SINK or SWIM – the triumph!

Sink or Swim, the much anticipated event to profile the Stirchley Baths project took place last Saturday – 8th June. Described by many as a triumph we are very happy to say that with the commitment of local people we did literally turn Sink into Swim. 

The Stirchley Shakers – cheerleaders extraordinaire, especially formed for the event – led chants of  Stirchley You what? You what? Show us what you’ve got! Which indeed Stirchley did. As the Shakers also said ‘We’re so proud of you, we’re so proud of you!’.

Many found the event a surprise and a joy and left with their countdown baths calendar and custom thumbs up/down weight. We’d like to thank the 200+ people who attended and the 134 people who weighed in their commitment and signed the Sink or Swim ledger. 

News on the baths project progress will be posted on the baths blog – and we will be posting a series of banners on the old baths entrance to accompany the countdown to HLF funding bid news in September. 

We’d like to thank Wards Greengrocers and Travis Perkins for their continued support of our work, and the friends of Stirchley Park for welcoming the event to the park. Especially all the volunteers who made the event possible. 

Here are a few photos of the event. 


Jayne with Jesus – the first to weigh in his commitment to a new community building. 


Reaching for a balloon from ‘SINK’


Inserting balloons to make ‘SWIM’



The custom made weights that held all the balloons down – made from local resident Tabitha’s hand.



The ledger – signed by all who turned SINK into SWIMImage

The Stirchley Shakers in action


Popping ‘SWIM’ at the end.  



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